How to Install Solar Panels - Step by Step Instructions to Help You Save Money

In the age of environmental awareness, solar panel installation is being chosen to reduce electricity costs. With the rising price of fossil fuels and natural gas, solar power is an attractive alternative. But how to get it installed? How to find a good installer? Here's a look at the five main parts in solar panel installation and how to do them properly.

Site Assessment - The first step in solar panel installation process is to identify the site of installation. An effective site assessment will identify any shadowing, shading, obstructions and buried wiring. It will also identify any underground storage tanks that require excavation. After the site assessment, you will be provided with options for improving the site, if required. Get facts from this page now.

Roof Survey - Next, you need to understand your roof. Will it allow for roof installation of solar panels? Do the neighbors want something custom-made? Are there any underground piping or electrical wires that need to be installed? After you understand the roof, the next step in solar panel installation is to do roof surveys to find out the maximum space that can be installed.

Homeowners should choose an experienced professional to install solar panels on their roof. An experienced solar panel installation professional will have the skill and expertise to not only know where to install solar panels, but also will know what to look for while installing the system. There are many things that homeowners can do to reduce installation costs, such as making improvements around their home. However, there are still steps homeowners can take to make savings, such as choosing energy efficient appliances and switching to lower energy usage electrical services.

Professional Installation - Once you've located an experienced installer, the next step in solar panel installation is to select the materials to be used in the system. Professional installers will have access to a wide variety of products and know how each product works. This will reduce the chances of purchasing the wrong types of products, which could cost homeowners more in the long run. Before making any decisions regarding materials, homeowners should contact their installer for information about cost and return/refund policies.

Electrical grid - Finally, after finding an experienced installer, the next step in solar panel installation is placing the solar energy system on the roof. Most residential homes that are placed on the top of an electrical grid will already have the wiring needed to support the solar energy system. But, if a home is located outside the electric grid, additional wiring may need to be installed. If the homeowner does not feel comfortable with this on their own, a professional installer can be hired to do this for them. Read more information as well at

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